BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

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Playing PUBG for the first time can be a little frustrating… for your teammates that is…

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  1. Alessandra Kongwang

    this really made me laugh 😂😂

  2. Marshall Bruce Mathers Iii

    There’s no “TEEHEE” in this video…

  3. A Channel Deserves No Subs

    Shoot your self

  4. The format of this seems really similar to video game high school. I miss that show so much. Love this sketch!!

  5. 3:15 Is this based off of Fortnite Battle Royale?

  6. #1 on trending wow

  7. That ending lmao


  9. Pan is Op btw

  10. well i got a level 5 league of legends is it cool??am i a real gamer?

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