Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

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Can we decipher the difference between Subway and Quiznos while blindfolded?
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  1. Natalie Lovegood

    Loved the opening sentence

  2. Penn Station should absolutely be on this.
    Literally the best subs in the country

  3. conclusion: I wish I had Jersey Mike’s in my area

  4. Potbelly best subs

  5. I have only had Subway, Quiznos and Jimmy John’s

  6. Rhett appears to be cheating. He is too graceful handling the subs.

  7. WOw i didn’t realize these guys had 13 mil subs now. I’m lucky if i get one in a day lol

  8. The amount of times they bite each Sandwich wrong is like…omg kill me now

  9. What??? No Potbelly’s? Sacrilege!!

  10. 🤣😂Everytime Link says he’s sure of it he’s always wrong😆🤣

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