Bus Photobombs The Weather Channel’s Stream of Georgia Dome Implosion

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After 40 minutes of live streaming the Georgia Dome’s implosion, a surprise photobomber ruins the big moment.

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  1. Ignorant bus driver for the win….

  2. This is hilarious. Read the replies to comments. People are even arguing about this. Cant anybody just sit back, enjoy a little humor and chill for a bit?

  3. That was much more entertaining than watching a run of the mill demolition…way to go bus!!!

    Hope to see you at Trumps next state of the union speech 😉

  4. I️ would have ran up there and cursed her out

  5. That bus driver didn’t give af. He wasn’t even looking at the demo, yet he completely ruined the global live broadcast. Need to have a P.A. do traffic/crowd control to avoid that, but again, that bus driver really screwed us and was truly oblivios to the camera crews, and the demolition itstelf. Just Geniuine. Pure. Eyes on the Road bus driving.

  6. ExtrovertedCenobite

    That Bus Driver had a scheduled stop and he was on time. The man is to be complemented for his work ethic and promptness.

  7. That is hilarious lol and f’d up.

  8. I find the reaction of the camera man funny. I keep on replaying it to hear it over again.

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    Spot a stroke fast!

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