“CHRISTMAS IS HERE!” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump

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Season’s Greetings from the Trumps…
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  1. Tech issues kept me from getting this video up for Christmas, but I thought you guys might still want to check it out anyway…

  2. Melania Trump’s eyes, holy shit.

  3. Why does robot Trump look like Hillary

  4. Why can’t u support out president

  5. He’s no Frank Underwood

  6. The scary thing is that this isn’t far from the truth. Great job! #MerryCrimbus

  7. Here after 7 million views.

  8. Best song I’ve heard this holidays

  9. happychaosofthenorth

    “Please help me.”
    Not sure if line is a bad lip reading or if she’s really asking for help… :-/

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