Conor McGregor’s post-fight interview after losing to Floyd Mayweather | SportsCenter | ESPN

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Conor McGregor joins Brett Okamoto for a post-fight interview after losing to Floyd Mayweather by TKO in the 10th round.

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  1. 1:59 – 2:07 what kind of security staff forgets to bring his shirt?

  2. This was a decent fight. Gotta give props to Conor McGregor for making it as far as he did. If he had the experience Mayweather had then there’s a good chance he could’ve won. But that’s all “what ifs”. Too bad we won’t see the MMA version of this because Mayweather knows he’ll get his ass kicked in the first round if he fought in the Octagon. It’ll be a CM Punk case all over again.

  3. Mayweather wasn’t taking the first few rounds seriously. He was killing time and entertaining fans. Conor wouldn’t got a single round had Mayweather decided to go about it like he usually does AKA boring.

  4. stuttering and shit. get him to a doctor he got some brain damage

  5. Conor should’ve won

  6. The fight was good, both sides showed athelitc ability, but the real question is. Where are my cookies?

  7. early on floyd was letting him to what he wanted… he wanted to see and adjust to mcgregor fighting style all while tiring him out… when it came down to it, mcgregor just didn’t have the stamina to keep up with floyd. Floyd too this nigga to school.

  8. Why do I see so much people hating cuz they not a boxer like if you agree let the haters hate😴

  9. Such a good sport!

  10. When people now owe you money because you told their dumb ass that Floyd was gonna win…pay up please

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