DEADMAU5 said this Bassline is IMPOSSIBLE…

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Deadmau5 was listening to Sparkee’s remix of “Strobe” and said that the bassline of that remix was “technically impossible” and he would love to see a bass player play that part live… So let’s see if that’s really an impossible riff….




Hope you’ll like it!

See you soon and Stay Funky! 🙂

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  1. So, in your opinion, was it an impossible riff? …

  2. Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. That was cool as shit, but I don’t think he literally meant impossible. If he said it was “sick” you wouldn’t ask a doctor, would you?

  4. Oz The Great and Powerful

    If you want impossible, look up Actualize by Evan Brewer

  5. Very impressive but can you play pearl jam whilst eating jam?

  6. Your version sounds better then DeadMau5

  7. Very impressive but can you play stairway to heaven whilst waling up stairs?

  8. ShadowedWoodOFFICIAL

    Deadmouse is an electronic “musician”, he doesn’t understand. Anyone who’s been playing a year could do that… as long as they haven’t been playing punk the whole time because you don’t learn anything that way

  9. Dead Mau-Five is my favourite!

  10. Impossible? Chic invented those basslines in the 70s dude.

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