Equifax: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the massive impact of the cybersecurity breach at Equifax and their massively misguided attempts to mitigate the damage.

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  1. lol. americans dont know what BankID is

  2. Might as well kill myself.

  3. Did he just say “oof”?😭😂😂

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  5. Over haul the system. The Government should step up and fix it where we don’t have just one ID number. I say that but they are too worried about if the NFL is standing for Star Spangled Banner.

  6. And regarding domain names, anyone can register any domain name, as long as it isn’t already registered. Equifax can’t really register every possible domain name containing the word “equifax” since that’s infinity domains and they could easily miss a clever short variant. (John, if you need an example, I can register lastweektonightsupportsisis.com – if you get that one before I can, I can get proofthatlastweektonightsupportsisis.com and lastweektonighttotallysupportsisis.com and lastweektonightsupportisis.com and… xD )

  7. the system is so freaking rigged.

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