Florence + The Machine – Sky Full Of Song

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Sky Full of Song
Directed by AG Rojas

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  1. Im screaming It’s even on the trending page

  2. HOW TF DID I JUST FOUND THIS SONG AFTER 2 DAYS?? I’m crying she sounds so heavenly

  3. There is one problem with this song……now I can`t listen anything else, endless repeat and too much is never enough <3

  4. Please. God. Life is like the madness.
    Hold me down, I’m so tired now
    Aim your arrow at the sky
    Take me down, I’m too tired now
    Leave me where I lie
    I thought I was flying but maybe I’m dying tonight
    And I thought I was flying but maybe I’m dying tonight…

  5. blessed be the fruit

  6. A hauntingly beautiful voice full of symbolism and message, speaks to all who listen.

  7. celestial_flourescent adolescent_ecstasy

    It sounds like a rlly generic song, like iv heard a million like this but still nice

  8. Наиль Умаров

    Her 2nd worst single after What Kind of Men

  9. Merel Zijderveld

    i love how this song is mostly vocal and just a little music, beautiful!

  10. Fluently Fletch.

    Gorgeous gorgeous just GORGEOUS !

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