Gingerbread Cookies – You Suck at Cooking (episode 70)

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If you like gingerbread, and you like men, then you’ll love Gingerbread Men. You’ll also likely enjoy any other kind of gingerbread. Even if you dislike men.

Basically the recipe with some spice modifications. And NO FROSTING. Much like brownies, gingerbread should be enjoyed purely. Unless you prefer frosting. Could also be dunked in tea or coffee I bet.

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  1. About to hit 1mil god bless🙏

  2. Ok but is anybody going to talk about how this motherfucker built a fort?

  3. Whyd you have to make him die ;-;

  4. Why did I cry

  5. I hope he hits 1 mil for christmas, that would be the best gift

  6. as slow as *thicc* water

  7. Those professional terms 😂😂😂

  8. 1,000,000th sub!

  9. I can hear god when I watch this

  10. Number 1 on trending

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