[HD] Christina Aguilera – Whitney Houston TRIBUTE At AMA’s 2017

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Medley: I Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing, Run To You And I’m Every Woman

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  1. People are really over exaggerating how bad this is. It’s not Whitney but it’s still good lol. The internet is just full of haters.

  2. The first part was kind of disappointing :/

  3. nice good 🙂

  4. I liked it cuz I understand that she was a beautiful singer whitney Houston n she Christina Aguilera did a good job but never to that level of Whitney Houston sorry:/

  5. Champions of England

    Whitney wasn’t the greatest vocalist. There were plenty before her time. Aretha Franklin in my opinion will always be the greatest vocalist.

  6. Christina you are better than this!!!!!!

  7. I was expecting better from Christina but she still did okay.

  8. im confused if Pink liked it or not based on her face expressions 💀💀 but at everybody whos hating Nobody ever said she could sing like Whitney . Its a tribute . Not like any of you are even half as good as her 🙄

  9. She hasnt performed live in quite some time. No, this wasnt her best performance but I think she is still one of the great singers of our generation.

  10. And I… will always love you, ooh
    Will always love you
    My darling, you…
    That’s so great …

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