Hotel Restaurant Refuses To Serve Ice-Cream Samples | Hotel Hell

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Not a good sign if Gordon starts cleaning on arrival.

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  1. Come on guys, the only reason they don’t want to give out free samples of the ice cream is ’cause they already provide free samples of dusty cob webs, isn’t that enough?
    Edit: Sorry bad joke.

  2. a very green gamer

    Nino would have given free samples AND cleaned the ceiling.

  3. Janeleena Inthavong

    I remember when this first aired this place doesn’t exist no more😂

  4. It’s always a shame to see people with nice things they don’t take care of.

  5. At least these people aren’t rude cunts

  6. Don’t eat it nino lmao

  7. Sorry no samples 😐, wtf if I’m buying something I wanna know what it taste like.

  8. When there’s a cleaning job,
    And there’s too much to do
    Who you gonna call?

  9. A couple of idiot ice cream sandwiches, id say.

  10. Jake Hafizullah

    If u think that’s unclean visit the Toby carvery in bolton

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