Jordan​ and​ ​Lindsay’s – Foxtrot – Dancing with the Stars

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Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold dance the Foxtrot to “You’re ​Welcome” from Moana, sung by Jordan ​Fisher and ​Lin-Manuel ​Miranda on Dancing with the Stars’ Season 25 Disney Night!

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  2. This was amazing. Lindsay is so creative and Jordan just executes it perfectly. Love you guys. Hope you guys win the MIRRORBALL!!! Vote for these guys. VOTEEEEE #TeamFishUponAStar ❤️

  3. I loved this dance. Best one for sure. I really feel like he’s going to win.

  4. Can’t stop watching this.

  5. Hot damn that was amazing!!! I hope to god they make it to the finals and win they deserve it! I want to see this dance again and again.

  6. I hope he wins. You got this, Jordan!

  7. Man I wish he sang a little at the beginning

  8. I loved this dance! You could not tell who was the pro dancer. Jordan is very gifted. I think he will go far in the entertainment industry and he also has the charisma. I hope they win the MBT, Lindsay has had some real clunkers as partners, like Emma has, so maybe this is Lindsay’s season to win..

  9. *I always watch this video with my one hand on the table!*

  10. I absolutely love this routine! Definitely one of my DTWS favorites of all time. It makes me smile every time I watch it…just flawless.

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