Lin-Manuel Miranda on Getting the Job Done in Puerto Rico

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When it comes to Puerto Rico relief efforts, Lin-Manuel Miranda is going non-stop. The “Hamilton” star told Ellen about all of his efforts to help Americans in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

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  1. •Darling Star•

    linnamon roll 💕💕

  2. I hope you talk about our fml and friend in syria too

  3. Lin manuel is puertoricos heroe !!!

  4. Stephanie Martinez

    Ellen! Please come to Puerto Rico! We can use your kindness and your sense of humor here!!

  5. I wonder if the title is a play on words for hamilton “immigrants, we get the job done” it’s sad that citizens have to do our governments job these people are people!!! Care!! And love that he’s gonna star as hamilton again!

  6. It’s been 2 months and we still don’t have electricity

  7. My daughter love him and Hamilton and she is only 11 year old and she read Lin Manuel Miranda book or Hamilton because it is to far for us to go and see his show

  8. “Maddening “. Understatement of the year !

  9. Lin is such a beautiful human being, he’s gonna continue to change the world. So will Ellen.

  10. What a good human. I love him

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