Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Weird Al” and Jimmy Lip Sync “The Hamilton Polka”

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Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Weird Al” Yankovic debut the latest #Hamildrop, “The Hamilton Polka,” with an impromptu lip sync.

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  1. Lol

  2. This is the corniest shit I’ve ever seen…

  3. This is the content I got YouTube for

  4. Good Job 1:04

  5. This is my life now
    I love my life

  6. -thesiriuspotter-

    *if i see the linnamon roll i click*

  7. coffeeandchocolate

    this is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen

  8. Sing the capitan underpants theme Weird-Al

  9. The Color Effect

    Rename this “adorable nerds dancing like crazy”

  10. Great job!

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