Mase – The Oracle (Cam’Ron Diss)

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  1. King of Harlem, ain’t nobody make me leave. OMG Mase #sheesh

  2. Can I use your fire 🔥 for a call of duty montage for a recruitment challenge for Faze and Red . I’ll give u full credit at the beginning and end of my montage to give u full credit and to promote your 🔥 . Please respond back .

  3. too bad to be on #1 lol

  4. It’s Ma$e btw

  5. I just think of jackass when I hear the actual music

  6. You know niggers are dumb when they spell killed kilt. Neither this or shitty Korean boy bands deserve to be on trending.

  7. 😉🔥🔥

  8. I’m from Harlem and niggas gotta unite but Damn murder mase is got bodied for like 3 lifetimes.that jay z blueprint 2 beat always my fave…but that’s the beat he was dissin nas

    Mase savage with the bars.he even mentioned children of the corn and their beginnings in the underground him and cam and big l….

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