Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY

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Matt Lauer has been dismissed from NBC News. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack released a statement saying a colleague had come forward reporting behavior in violation of company standards.

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Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY

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  1. Was this the payback for derailing Hillary’s career back in 2016? When Lauer went off-script and asked Madam Chairman about the emails on live TV?

  2. If you’re wondering who is him and you don’t know him you probably don’t watch news in the morning and you’re not from US. This guy is co-host of Today show and News on NBC channel I watch him everyday in the morning to check what’s going on around the world and the country, and before going to school, he was great guy, I was shocked when I heard the news.

  3. I am so very curious as to why when a blog post or video or anything about someone like this comes out, people jump on the political bandwagon of either “it’s liberals fault!” or “it’s conservatives fault!”? Who cares if someone was a liberal or conservative if they’re a sexual predator or burglar or murderer or whatever? They did something wrong and should be punished. End of story.

  4. So nbc? You accuse trump and your people are the predators. Shame I have to pay dish for the package of channels that your bs news is included in.

  5. “where in the world is Matt Lauer”….who gives a f*ck

  6. Seems to be a trend by liberals.

  7. I want to know peoples thoughts on this, Would looks have any weight with how someone perceives comments that might be considered sexual? For example, let’s say a really good looking man and an average looking male both compliment a woman on what she’s wearing and how good it makes her look. Now I believe regardless of looks if a woman feels uncomfortable she has a right to get some justice but something inside of me makes me feels as though that good looking males comments would be taken as a compliment, while the below average males would have a higher chance of making the woman feel uncomfortable and be perceived as harassment. Should it be fair that the good-looking males comment is harmless while the same comment from the average male leads to his termination? Do you believe that what constitutes as harassment should be left vague and completely based on how a woman feels or should it be based on clear defined boundaries that state what is acceptable and what is not?

  8. Wow…. I don’t have words…. 😶


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