MUST WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls Out Arizona for 5-Hour Voting Wait Times, Calls it “Disgrace” – FNN

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Brought to you by Bill Luke:
Bernie Sanders holds a press conference in San Diego and talks about the chaotic voting situation in Maricopa County where people waited in line for up to 5 hours to vote.

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  1. The 2 party system loves voter suppression. The Top 2 general election
    scheme here in CA is all about suppressing alternative political parties.

  2. Not a fan of Bernie but I agree with him here

  3. Professor Snugglez

    Seriously, why is Online Voting still not a thing….. its 2016

  4. Bernie should do ASMR fireside chats

  5. Let me explain this problem Bernie. There are a whole bunch of people
    trying to vote in a short window with not enough places to vote. She also
    probably had bad internet.

  6. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    No wonder a lot of people don’t vote…where’s the motivation to do so if
    you aren’t sure your vote will be counted because of stuff like this? It
    seems very likely rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

  7. CrrrrAZ making a laughing stoked of themselves as usual… even our
    baseball team is political.. owners wife a proud dark money donor…
    crrrrAZ a discrace to the nation…..

  8. It doesn’t matter Sanders no one wants you in Arizona yeah dickhead

  9. go bernie!!!

  10. Republicans be like, “duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Democrats be like, “Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie
    gimmie gimmie gimmie,”

    God bless America lol

  11. I like Bernie a lot but I just don’t see him as president but cheers if ya
    do mate!

  12. We are a republic not a democracy

  13. govt is corrupt??? give em more power!!!

  14. I am a student at Illinois State University and I waited 3-4 hours. (Almost
    everyone was pro Bernie might I add)

  15. Whether you’re a conservative or liberal, you should admit that the
    political process in every aspect is corrupt in a way undermining democracy
    in the country. Both Republican and Democratic part are corrupt to the core
    they don’t give a damn about people.

  16. I waited 4 hours to vote in Utah.

  17. Please win.

  18. America is a democracy? Umm….could someone explain the delegates and the
    super- delegates to me? I’m seriously confused.

  19. Exist polls showed Bernie won by exactly the numbers Hillary allegedly won
    by. So essentially the script was flipped. If that’s not corruption i don’t
    know what is.
    Also FYI for those who may not know. Exit polling is how everyone reports
    winners before an official count and corporate media showed no Exit polls
    that night.

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