Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread) – Food Wishes

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Learn how to make Panettone! Eaten as is, or toasted with butter, this Italian Christmas Bread is perfect for your holiday table. I hope you enjoy this amazing Panettone recipe!

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  1. Giovanni Santoriello

    Can you not speak right or something?

  2. His voice is so fucking odd, with an upward infliction on every sentence

  3. That looks so delicious

  4. <3 you Chef John! x

  5. Chef John – Merry Merry – Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you for all your videos – yum yum yum – Bet you are going to have a delicious holiday! We’ll be over at 8pm for leftovers (:

  6. The way he speak haha Obama

  7. WOW youuu are treeeending

  8. Bread? I always thought it was cake. I’m a terrible Italian lol.

  9. Poor Man's Food Reviews

    Next time you make this try adding some roughly chopped chunks of dark chocolate with the fruit. I use to be a baker, and I’ll have to admit. This bread is probably the most difficult bread to make next to croissants.

  10. crafty soapy soapy

    it tasted yucky and wasn’t done properly

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