Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and Dan are back in the old garden. Using two cameras they’ve never used before, they revisit paint on a speaker. Both cameras were borrowed, but it ain’t an ad or anything. This is the first video presented at 50fps playback. Because of the new high recording frame rate, we can afford to play a lot of the slow mo back at double speed. Why 50 instead of 60? All our videos were originally shot in PAL because we are british and that.

Thanks to Hasselblad for lending the H6D 100c and thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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  1. In a few years you’ll have these cams on ur $60 phone

  2. Hey Gav!

  3. Coffee's Hangar

    8:58 – 9:00 2 seconds of gold.

  4. Matheus Thomé Armstrong


  5. Eren Reed Kosluk

    I loved the super slow show, but I’m glad it’s back to just the two Brits cause it just didn’t feel the same.

  6. Shoulda played a 6ix 9ine banger 😆

  7. redo the cd

  8. Sebastian Muller

    Matt from demolition ranch challenged you gav to make lemonade in a special way more details in this video https://youtu.be/sdwg9SxSReg

  9. That is some beautiful footage. Love the new equipment. This was my only problem with the Super Slow Show. They have cameras that can go over 300,00 fps, and a crew and budget to help them set up much larger and more ambitious stunts and experiments, and they just recorded everything at 1,000 fps to keep it in UHD. If they would just combine the extremely slow frame rates from their regular backyard shoots with the resources they have for their new show, THEN we would have a true Super Slow Show.

  10. It’s so beautiful, especially the milk one

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