Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

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Rick may get all the attention, but Morty is just as essential to Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Here are the reasons why #MortyMatters and why it’s perfectly okay to be a Morty.

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  2. Rick and Morty fandom is pretty pathetic but the Rick wannabes are on a level of their own.

  3. Answer: Rick is Morty. It’s an endless cycle. A Rick is there, and lives his life. Once he is post-teenage he is visited by his future self, and he tells himself to go under a new identity, Rick, and is supposed to “train” his extra younger self, Morty, until he dies of old age. Once Rick dies, the Morty starts to age. Once he gets to that post-teenage state, he gets visited by his future self again, and the cycle continues. (Beth, Jerry, and Summer are things Morty creates to make it seem real to train his past self)

  4. I never got how anyone would think Morty was “a moron”. One of the most, if not the most, stable, mentally balanced and considerate characters of the whole family. Which is exactly why it’s extra unsettling on the occasions he does ‘snap’ (and starts acting like everyone else around him, or frankly, sinks to their level). He might not have “science smarts”, but he’s waaay above everyone else on compassion and heck, even rational thinking.

    The show’s “straight guy”, to put it in industry terms.

  5. Wow… Spoilers…

  6. Eat pant

  7. It’s odd though. The universe Rick travels in is awful. But still there’s a Morty there who can hold his compass.

  8. Nah, fuck that useless piece of shit Morty. Hes just there for normies to relate. Like those sign language interpreters in the corner for deaf people, he interprets shows creators ideas into heart language for wider audience.

  9. Those the odd couple makes relationships last longer and make it more fun?

  10. Sorry, I’m closer to Rick than Morty, not because I want to be, but because my life made me that.
    I still understand both characters quite well.

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