So Sorry.

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  2. 👏👏 it takes a big man to apologize for his mistakes

  3. oh my I feel pregnant

  4. Aranızda türk varmı lan ne yapmış bu orman mevzusu ne video falan varmı

  5. Logan Paul Vlogs OffiCial

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  6. Listen what he did was wrong showing the poor man and filming it WAS WRONG. Your ego got in the way. But how he acted was just the way he deals with things like that. I use humor as a defense mechanism. A lot of ppl do. But it is hard to believe that you are sorry just by looking at a camera and saying sorry you act so instead of saying it SHOW IT.

  7. I swear this man barely blinks in this entire video 😂

  8. You represent all that’s wrong with click bait social media celebrities!

  9. Hate causes a lot of problems and hasn’t solved one yet.

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