Stephen Curry AND Kevin Durant get ejected! – threw mouth piece at referee

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  1. Azani Coleman-Moreno

    Dudes at 0:59, 😂

  2. This was funny

  3. Wow, what role models. There’s more to being a champion than the fact you get some trophies. These dudes are toxic little clowns, apparently the entire team has become a breeding ground for it. Suddenly KD thinks he’s somebody despite not doing a damn thing for OKC. Want to know how you can get wins and still be a loser? See example A and B.

  4. The warriors are a bunch of whiny little pricks

  5. I’m disappointed they haven’t worked in race as a factor in their excuse, yet.

  6. Glad this was not draymond or nuts would be broken EVERYWHERE

  7. If officials would call fair plays – this wouldn’t happen – he was fouled – period … You can make them play but you can’t make them stay when you don’t respect the rules of the game – very symbolic – a mouthpiece at the mouthpiece for the opposing game – well worth the fine – now – about the other player ? It’s a three out rule – where are the 1st 2nd and third

  8. Why did KD get ejected lmao

  9. Well that’s very unsportsmanlike like

  10. 0:48 Middle finger

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