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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote discovers a monster sized Snail!

Seriously Coyote Pack, this is one huge and super cool gastropod and the crew was unbelievably excited to find one right outside of their basecamp in South Africa!

Will Coyote be able to get himself out from the sticky hold of this giants slimy snail trail?

Get ready to find out as we bring you one SUPER-SIZED SNAIL!

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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife!
Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet!

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on six exciting series – Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, On Location, Base Camp and Coyote’s Backyard – featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

GET READY…things are about to get WILD!
New Episodes Every Wednesday and Friday at 7AM EST

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  1. Hi coyote my father and I just caught a red bellied snake and a blue bellied lizard I hope you get this and make a snake catching guide we live in Gilroy in Northern California

  2. you defenitely got pooped on again Coyote.. :p

  3. Tiny burrito For burritos

    Isn’t nature beautiful

    Dangerous but beautiful

  4. I don’t know what kind of snake it was it had a red belly and a black top and the lizard had a sandy top and a blue bottom I would be happy if you could tell me the specie is

  5. Coyote sounded really tired during that voice over near the end lol

  6. I would love it if you traveled to Suriname>

  7. Whenever I saw the videos that he was getting bit or stung in his vids i thought how is he alive., like for real.😁

  8. Kyote I will donate 500$ Eat it

  9. So close to a million

  10. ” there one time that one snail was responsible for Human extinction “

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