The exact moment I hit 4,000,000 subscribers

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  1. It’s amazing when he hits 4 mil but I can’t help but feel a bit unsatisfied. I feel as if he should’ve gotten way more over the years he’s been on Youtube and just by how much of a living legend he is. Nigahiga and even Shane Dawson passed that mark a while ago. Still, it’s lovely to see the icon of quality content himself slowly grow his empire. Congrats~

  2. ThePurpleYolo23

    do you know… TheOdd1sOut ?

  3. Anthony Maxsalien

    Yeah yeah. Your a real stallion buddy. Hooray for you…

  4. Congratulations LitFam!

  5. Saucy Penguinner


  6. Sorry Jack, youtube is only for people with 5 million subs

  7. Unsubbed

  8. Christopher Kennedy

    For April fools he shouldn’t have showed the moment of 4000000

  9. *A P R I L F O O L S, J O H N*

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