The New SpotMini

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For more information . . . stay tuned.

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  1. Oh fuck

  2. Coming soon… for you and your family…terminator music starts plating.

  3. Looks like an early version of a Hunter from Half Life 2 Episode 1

  4. Holy shit that’s awesome

  5. Introducing the spot mini the perfect robot to take out your neighbor or to take you dog on a walk, weather your a lazy slob or someone on the go it can meet your needs with, the feed me option it will feed you anything you want till you explode, just one of the millions of option. Only 5,000,000 you will only have to pay 263,157.8947368421 easy payments of 19 dollars get yours today.

  6. RoboPorn

  7. Помпей Новости

    Не знаю мне жутковато такое смотреть… Сразу вспоминаются фильмы всякие, где машины восстали против людей и начали их уничтожать…

  8. looks danger

  9. We’re fucked.

  10. きモイ

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