The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates: Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker – Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017

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Programme website: The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) becomes the Thirteenth (Jodie Whittaker) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special and regeneration episode, Twice Upon a Time.

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  1. BBC is slowly going through every actor they have

  2. Oh boy, women drivers, am I right?

  3. The last look of Capaldi is the same as the first, …… the famous “Attack Eyebrows” …as they change to those of Whittaker. And once again, a regeneration-to-be of the TARDIS itself is coming. Thing is, if something does not save The New Doctor, this may be the shortest regeneration yet. R.I.P. Capaldi’s Doctor. And just so anyone knows. I have been a fan of all the Doctors, including the Alternate ones like Peter Cushing, and those who have taken up the mantle of those who have passed in the real world . Each one is special. Jodi has big shoes and ring sizes to fill just like Patrick did when Hartnell’s ring fell off Pat’s finger. But just like Patrick, I am sure she will be the best one yet, just all the previous ones were. I wish her the best. “The Doctor is Dead. Long Live The Doctor.”

  4. time to make some timelord babies

  5. Her reaction was exactly like mine when i saw this!

  6. Why??!!!!

  7. They played Rose’s theme after the regeneration that is some GOOD SHIT

  8. What should be #1 on Trending: This

    What SHOULDN’T be Trending on YouTube: Snapchat compilations

  9. It’s ghost busters all over again

  10. Boo this wasnt good the other trending was better.

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