The Weeknd – Call Out My Name (Official Audio)

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My Dear Melancholy,
Available now from The Weeknd.

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  1. Afro Entertainment

    i can’t wait till ur sound ended ….. damn wt great melody u ever not sing … from ur homeland Ethiopia we love all Abel. long life and better comfort to u

  2. ❤🎵✈

  3. The Weeknd >>>>>> Justin Bieber and Drake. Selena gotta hold this L for the rest of the year.

  4. Our Founding Liars

    Careful, calling out The Weeknd’s name in the correct cadence will activate the weather machine’s hurricane function. This is a trap. Keep asking questions. Investigate The Weeknd.

  5. Amo minha família Malaquias

    Brasil 👊👏👏👏✌

  6. Earned it vibes

  7. I was caught in some kind of trance last night when I first hear it.

  8. Nice Song~

  9. Anonymous Belieber

    This hit me hard..

  10. First queen now the weeknd 😱😱😱can this day get any better

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