Vermilion Parish teacher gets arrested at Vermilion Parish school board meeting

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Teacher Deyshia Hargrave was questioning the school board how they can vote to give the superintendent a raise when school employees have not gotten a raise in years. Security officer from the parish Marshal’s Office told her to leave the room and he would soon arrest her in the hall and call the city police and put her in a patrol unit. The school board members in the video are (left to right) Laura Lebeouf, Chris Hebert, School Board President Anthony Fontana (doing most of the talking), Superintendent Jerome Puyau and school board member Chris Gautreaux.

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  1. This is disgusting its our jobs as Americans to protect our rights just not stand there while others bully us around. The marshal is also a disgusting he took an oath to defend the constution not arrest someone when they speak up and use there first amendment rights. I hope the school board sleeps good at night knowing that they are walking all over our rights and depriving our kids of the education they nedd

  2. “i’m not resisting” as she’s flailing around

  3. Maybe this misogynist prick will get unemployment after costing the school system a law suit for playing God..

  4. And they wonder why there racist to his kind.

  5. Unbelievable

  6. CEOs and rich kids with degrees always get raises, fuck yo poor ass. Fight back and fuck the rich up or just shut the fuck up.

  7. He politely asked the lady to leave. Period. She kept cutting him off. Excuse me. No. Excuse me. No bitch just leave.🤔 Some shit can be avoided. 😆

  8. The School Board should be embarrassed and refer to Robert’s Rules of Order for meeting facilitation and protocols.

  9. Truly one of the most appalling things I’ve seen in a while. How does our country allow this

  10. these people in blue uniforms are the reason why they have a bad reputation. So glad this woman has a voice against superiority, that’s real courage.

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