Welcome to Iowa

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Taken from the highest point of the great state of Iowa

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  1. Bl4CK DI4MOND47

    How is this trending!!!!

  2. Malvin Pakpahan

    Hi Iowa, I’m from Wyoming😊

  3. The Trans Inkling Nan doi

    why is this trending, yet the htb didn’t get trending smh.

  4. The Hate Comment

    6/10 meme

  5. Wait. You joined 3/15 and already have a trending video with 1M+ views. Impressive.

  6. Finally, a YouTube video that makes logical sense to be trending.

    -Its promoting a small channel that needs the views and clicks.
    -Its legitimately trending unlike most other Jimmy Kimmel horseshit.
    -Its legitimately entertaining.

  7. Hi what’s up Iowa I never been there before who has been to Iowa before ? Comment me

  8. The Anorexic Gorilla With Type 2 Diabeetus Wearing A Bowler Hat

    why this nibba look like buzz from home alone?

  9. Wanted to visit the pornhub website..accidentally spelt it as cornhub…was sent to Iowa’s wikipedia page

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